iPhone to Android… Really?

After being an iphone user for the last 10 years have finally decided to try Android. Initial findings were get back to safety…. get back to iPhone as soon as possible, the operation of the newly acquired Samsung was not going well. Just closing posts and messages seemed a mission but now been using it for a week it actually seems better. A new gmail account was setup for the phone as I didn’t want it to clash with any existing gsuite accounts.

After asking some mobile phone shops about transfer of contacts they were happy to do it… but at a fee as they told me it was not possible using SIM and all other methods were not dependable and contacts would be lost… well they obviously hadn’t seen this article which worked just fine.,news-21221.html

All 587 contacts moved over and now they can be managed in Gsuite Contacts, create groups and add more detail using computer and keyboard which is easier than on the phone keyboard.  Not even sure you could do this on iphone? Anyway main thing is all are now backed up and syncing perfectly.

Additionally, all business email accounts are now configured. As well as social media, messenger, music, and banking apps.

I know it’s early days but so far, and probably only tip of the iceberg in operations, but the move is positive.

If you are thinking about it and have any questions get in touch, more than happy to help.

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