Offering a Helping Hand

Like many others I have lost my main source of income due to COVID 19 and unfortunately become yet another statistic.

My heart goes out to all those that have lost loved ones and a massive shout out to the front-line NHS staff for everything that they have done and are doing, no words to describe the sacrifices they are making to care for fellow human beings. 

While the world is in a bad place at the moment it will pass, it will take time, but during this lockdown it could be an opportunity for you to get done what you have been planning to do but not got round to.  I have extensive knowledge within the IT trade so to speak and want to help all those out there who have wanted to take their business/idea online but not got round to it.

This is aimed at small businesses, sole traders, budding entrepreneurs, who may be struggling with where to start in the online jungle. This can go from a basic social media page to a full CMS (content management system WORDPRESS dedicated virtual server) with google analytics and SEO. My experience also comes with migration of onsite IT services to the Cloud (FILE SERVER/OFFICE APPLICATIONS/BACKUP).

My offer…. I will work with you and your business for FREE until the lockdown is lifted and you are back on your feet with money coming in. 

How will I make money working for FREE? Because I believe in Humanity and what goes around comes around.

You may be looking to start your own business or bring that idea to life on the worldwide web…. If you need support and advice with IT please get in touch.

Please share this to those that fit the niche above. Or even if you are an established business just looking for support and advice. Contact us now.

Thanks for reading.

All the best.

TIP #1 Did you know ZOOM is free? Yes, FREE to use a full blown video conferencing solution. There are some limitations but get in touch to find out more.  My motto… Don’t spend unless you absolutely have to!

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