Social and Web Marketing

Social Marketing

Simple & scalable social media management.  One place for all of your social media. Social Marketing is a social media tool made for agency-to-client collaboration. Allows anyone on your team to manage local business social media accounts. You, your team, and Maidstone Web Services can work together. It’s flexible to fit your service model.
With an all-in-one composer and a post-scheduling calendar, you can efficiently plan social media posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Google My Business.
Also, with a stream of engaging industry related content it’s easier than ever to come up with something great to post. You can even generate local leads, with a Twitter lead finder that monitors keywords within your local area.

Simple Social Share

Promote brands with micro-influencer marketing on Twitter and Facebook. Influencers are real people with a substantial social media network who post your content for their followers. This targeted audience consumes the content and can interact with it through likes, shares and more. Each Facebook or Twitter post can have a specific CTA (Call to Action) and drive prospects anywhere—to a website with more information or a landing page with a special offer. Influencers are vetted and chosen with care and their posts are made from within the platform to ensure quality and provide reporting.


Track dark social and private messaging shares on social. Boost traffic and reach on social media through intelligent insights, buttons and pop-ups. There’s no better website traffic than free traffic and getting visitors to share content is the best way to do it! GetSocial makes it easier than ever to increase social traffic and followers and identify which articles and products are generating the most interest. And sharing and social usage has changed drastically in the past few years. Did you know that 80% of social sharing is done via copy paste and private messaging?
Social widgets: Increase website traffic with responsive social share and follow buttons for 30+ networks. And grow your email list with our subscriber pop-ups.
Identify real virality: Invest only on content and products that guarantee results by knowing how many shares and traffic they are generating—even on private “dark social” channels.
Know your channels: Reduce cost per click on social campaigns by understanding which social channels are bringing more traffic and engagement for your clients.
Real-time alerts: Receive alerts on Email or Slack when the engagement on a given page reaches your alert criteria, such as number of shares, virality score, social traffic and share rate.
Performance & privacy: There is no negative impact on website performance and you completely own all of the data.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management shows businesses what people are saying about them, improves their visibility in local search and provides progress reports. Whether it’s a five-star build project or a one-star carpet clean, Reputation Management retrieves ratings and comments from all of the biggest review sites, as well as dozens of industry-specific sources. Reviews are critical for online success, but generating and managing them is hard work. We can do the heavy lifting for you.

Listing builder

Manage Contact Info, Hours, and Holidays in one place. From a single app, keep business listing information up-to-date across dozens, even hundreds of websites and directories. Business closing early this Friday? Update and sync the new hours to key sites instantly.