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Website Monitoring Maidstone

Website Monitoring? Having a company website is all good and well but how do you know it’s available? You could be blissfully unaware that your site is down if you don’t have correct monitoring in place.

Maidstone Web Services monitoring services run health checks on all our client sites at 30 second intervals 24/7 by 365. If the site becomes unavailable for 3 intervals alarms are raised and support process begins. Availability is key to any business, especially if you are a pure online business. We can setup alarms at a granular level to check individual pages and services within your current site.

Our basic health checks start at just £5 per month for external clients and if you are client this is covered in your monthly hosting fee.

All our health checks use the extensive AWS Health checker Regions to ensure your site is available from all corners of the world.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

t: 01622 804 740

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