Where have you been all my life…?

I may be slow to the party and you already know about this piece of genius. 

It’s not often something bowls me over, but having started a new contract there are always new things to learn and discover. The different systems and processes but this little invention needs to be in every IT Service Provider/Department across the land and beyond.

Working in IT there are always cables everywhere and tidying them up or making them look nice is a thankless task and after making the cables all neat and tidy using cable ties or some of the horrible binder like coils you need to get back at them in the future and – immediate headache –

Not anymore, before I continue I am not getting any kind of commission or kickback for posting this I just want to share the geniusness of this invention.  ID Scratch. A velcro re-usable tape that can be used for all manner of applications round the home or office.

If you have cables in your world that you struggle to neaten or manage get this tape you will not be disappointed.

And it’s not just cables… check out other uses here…

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